A Hanukkah In The Holocaust

“Our Faith, Shall Sail Us, Thru The Dark”
They vowed, to death, before they died
For a faith, condemned, by a legacy, stark
Chose, Six Million Jews, to be, crucified!

They bore, the cross, of a, pride’s prejudice
When a state, smeared them, “Sworn Pariahs”
To be, baptized by, ethnic malice
By the, Swastika-wielding, “Messiahs”!

Before Christmas came, Jews’ fest of light, at hate’s ghettos
On stolen wood, when a ‘convict’, carved his conviction
A menorah flaring, faith’s fury, daring, deathly throes
A Jew’s, everlasting hope, beyond, life’s crucifixion!

The flame flickered on, beyond, faith’s first, and life’s, last breath
Fueled by, Jews’ blood, who paid, creed’s cost
History’s, immortal, shibboleth:
“A Hanukkah, In The, Holocaust!”

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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