Redemption’s Riot In The Sky

Lest they, bring down, the heaven’s roof
With passion’s flight; conviction’s, rage
Nonchalant souls, soar, on the hoof
Beyond, faith’s fetters, and, fear’s outrage!

When a, myriad hearts, resound as one
Stray souls, become, one caravan
Freedom ain’t, a, lonesome revolution
But a, sum of, many a dimension!

With splintered squeaks, and, wearied wings
They rise, above, dusk’s, dying sun
Break loose, tethered kites, with wild yearnings
On a conquest, never lost, until, it is won

From, gravity, to infinity
Faith flies, above, fear’s flagrant, lie
Lo and behold! Beyond Trinity
Redemption’s Riot, In The, Sky!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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