In Broad Daylight, Chinese Genocide

Lo and behold! New White, Supremacists!
Oriental, though, not Occidental
World’s fear, of, “Colonial Communists”
Is truer, than truth, not figmental!

Xi has, outgrown, Mao’s legacy
And Stalin’s, unfinished, conquests
Hegemony is, no more, ethnic heresy
For those, who thrive on, bad blood fests!

From a, famished state, to a, global force
To a, brazen bully, in the, power race
With its, cheap labor, world’s last recourse
It has, bought dollars, and sold disgrace!

Whilst world, wrestles, with Coronal fears
A Socialist state’s, sin, seems prophesied
It’s The, Last World War, which humankind bears
In, Broad Daylight, Chinese Genocide!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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