Bride Of Fuhrer For One Night

“Do you think, I’d let him, die alone?
I’ll stay, with him, until he’s gone ..!”
For she wished, this epitaph, on her stone
“Here lay, EVA HITLER” NOT, ‘Eva Anon’!

Since his, jailbird-of-love, Geli, ended her woes
Hitler found, Eva’s awe, to resurrect, his myth:
“I’m the, only Adonis, every German woman, knows”
In ‘Herr Wolf’, Eva found, not a man, but a megalith!

In his, shadow lived, with pain and pride, his masked mistress
With a dream, to be, betrothed, to The, Aryan Superman
Filled colors, in his propaganda, daughter of, a seamstress
Who o’er years, learnt to adore, a mad brinksman!

At last came, that day august, when Hitler had, his Utopia lost
And a, widow’s despair, met a, wife’s delight
With fanatic faith, in a feared fiend, who paid, her passion’s cost
Bride Of, Fuhrer, For One Night!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra


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