When Goa’s Soul Was Crucified

Lest the land, forget its, ethnic creed
Every scar, is worth, its pain’s recalls
In ‘Gomanta’s’ heart, who sowed, ‘Goa’s’ seed
Graffitied, in Hindu blood, Catholic walls!

Vasco(da Gama) proved, to be, Papal henchman
Who brought Crucifix, to the, newfound land
Armed Jesuits, menaced the, native Hindu clan
There was, no way out, but, Catholic quicksand!

Who, could not see, beyond, Christ’s A.D.
They doomed, first faith, to paganism
O’er temples’ debris, who built, Christ’s legacy
Their faith, was, Catholic Terrorism!

Way beyond, a land, that lost, its name
Fear won, conquest, that faith defied
Hindus, lost in, Catholic Colonial Game
When Goa’s, Soul, Was Crucified!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra


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