Enigma Of These Digital Flings

Why squirm, in skin, with a, spent chagrin
Nirvana, is, just a, click away
In this, Love E-den, of, digital sin
It’s not “how’, “where”, but “when” at play!

Stray souls, tethered to, fleeting IP strings
With riotous nerves, that just, don’t sate
In Bare-to-the-bone, feasts, of cravings
We are, the sin-realm, we create!

Surrogate dreams, bask in, e-stranged bliss
When means, and ends, are both, the same
In e-phallic, trysts, with, e-clitoris
Orgasms outlast, the sin, sans shame!

Has love, found, its new, protocol
E-yearnings, in, “Internet of things”
In passion, sans, mind, heart, and soul
Enigma Of, These, Digital Flings!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra


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