A Red Blot On The Face Of World

Since Mao baptized, his land, in gore
And sowed, woes’ farms, with Socialist dreams
A new faith, found, its, fear’s metaphor
A bloodshot sin, Red-Revolution, redeems!

Every soul is, bared to the bone, by this state
Each rage, is dissected, with manic outrage
A ‘Republic’s’ myth, vaunts, a Communist dictate
Dares world, to concede, Red Colonial rampage!

With power, purchased with, cheap labor
Red Dragon, is drunk, in insolence
A Warmonger, Bio-Aggressor, Fiscal-Saboteur…
This nation, seems, Satan’s sentence!

A tyranny, flaunts, Socialist façade
Under flag, of faith, Red-Fear, unfurled
Cold-bloodedly grows, this Chinese jihad
A Red Blot, On The Face, Of World!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra


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