A Monster’s Loathsome Letters Of Love

“We Wade, To Utopia, Thru The, Blood Of Jews”
Was within, this paramour’s, paradigm
Whose prejudice, was his, only muse
And dreadful, ‘love’, his sin, sublime!

A lovelorn lad’s, lust for, old dames;
And the gore, of a well-off, ‘lesser race’;
His long, Hit-List with, Jewish surnames
All found, a place, on his, liebesbriefe‘ face!

“I’ll slay you, after a, moment’s bliss”
“Your half-Jewish roots, wrecked your, sex appeal”
“How, two sisters, fell, for my lethal kiss”
Hitler’s henchman, made passion, a raw deal!

Was love too, Goebbels’, propaganda
Like an, iron first, in a, velvet glove
Not, cherub’s serenade, but, Satan’s memoranda
A Monster’s, Loathsome, Letters Of Love!!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra


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