Was Mileva, Martyr, Of Her Man !

Who tethered, tightly, energy to mass
And photons, to, substance of light
With her, apron strings, and an, angst, alas
Lest, our ‘Genius’, found it, recondite!

Was beyond, happenstance, that Swiss affair
When a, staggering flair, found, a social face
Was it, not for, Einstein’s, manhood’s fear
To show, his “Help”, a woman’s, right place!

He sowed, a bastard, in her womb
And banished, her to, Serbia
Whilst soared, to sky, his feats’, aplomb
She invented, solace, from her, hysteria!

He shook, the sum of, all great minds
And the myths, of the, Space-Time caravan
Yet, every cypher, of his works, reminds
Was Mileva, Martyr, Of Her Man !

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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