Half A Soul

Whilst Ali, laments, existence of, pittance
Strewn o’er, Gaza, and West Bank
Eli resents, penance of, forbearance
“Which faith, to blame, whose Prophet, to thank!”

Two sons, of a mother, estranged brothers
Each feuds, for his pound, of flesh, of her heart
Faith’s scriptures, sound like, conjectures
That cradle, an enigma, two worlds apart!

Bloodbaths, don’t stop, Intifadas, never end
Every surrogate accord, ends in, ethnic discord
This ‘Holy Land, of Peace’, world fails, to comprehend
Two ethos’ creed, bleed, from a, mothers umbilical cord!

“My faith, my past, my being, esteem,
My fief, my reign, my pride, you stole, …!”
Lay shattered, dream of, Ibraheem
O’er heart, of two lands, with Half A Soul !

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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