The Day We Learn to Bear Our Cross

Never had, wood smelt, of salvation
Nor weighed, down soul, sum of, all sins
Blood baptizes, when, man’s passion
An old, fear dies, new faith, begins!

Who heaved, on his heart, our pain’s millstone
Which ground, to love, faith’s holy grain
Till, skin scraped off, from his, every bone
Faith’s love, bled out, of his, every vein!

Man is, a Messiah, on his, creed’s crucifix
Every shred, of his soul, a sacrifice
Holy history, writes, faith’s fearful epics
In the blood, of men, who pay, its price!

Who made, a Messenger, Redeemer too
Our enslavement, to, piety’s flaws!
We’ll win, our faiths’, and fears’ Waterloo
The Day, We Learn, to Bear, Our Cross!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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