When Life Lingers On Lonely Lanes

When went, astray, our caravan
Consumed in, the conquest, of its quest
Death seems, more human, than this clan
Who’s the, towering tomb, of its bequest!

Why whisper wails, louder than, screams
Thru shattered hearts, and, splintered souls
Our ambitions, outran, our dreams
In the, rat race, of our, hyperboles!

Yet, One man more, breathed his last, next door
His inferno, fumes, sans funeral
As we writhe, in the misery, of our metaphor
Of life, yearning for, death’s cradle!

Swallowed, as though, by an, endless snake
She seeks, lost faith in, fear’s germinal veins
Soul finds, nirvana, in sin’s, outbreak
When Life, Lingers On, Lonely Lanes!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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