When Tulips Grew On Gracy’s Grave

vikas chandra

She was, the yearning, of my fall
And then, the faith, of a, lovelorn spring
On my heart’s, forlorn wall, a fond recall
Her soul, in me, throbbing…, singing… !

She had shown, no fear, to, death’s despair
As she, kissed it down, from the chalice, of grace
Yet she, lives on, like a, dream debonair
With her heart, in my breast, her smile, on my face!

I moaned, in her ear, her last lullaby
As I cradled, her down, to her, humble hearth
Was it, hope’s myth, that “Dreams Don’t Die”
Or in, farm of faith, seed of, love’s rebirth!

When a, pain profound, stirred up, springtide
In my, riotous heart, with her, passion’s wave
She bloomed, burgeoned …, as my, faith prophesied
When Tulips, Grew On, Gracy’s Grave!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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