Since A Kafir I Became For Him

vikas chandra

Was Kerala, ever, beyond Calicut
To enigma, of my, estrangement
Until, I saw, my friend, rebut
That faith, we’d shared, with his sacrament!

He was, my Ram, until, that day
An Ulema said, “Stony deities, are dead!”
So Rahim, he became, leaving, way ‘astray’
For the bait, of jannat, and Saudi-earned bread!

He severed, from his soul, ‘infidelity’s sin’
Thru anew, faith’s vow, five prayers, fanatic façade
Bearded, skull-capped, with a, slaughtered foreskin
Once believer, of a faith, now a warrior, of jihad!

I mused, on a, holy enigma
Since his faith, became, my fear’s pilgrim
From his Ummah, he dares, my creed’s ‘stigma’
Since A Kafir, I Became, For Him!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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