On The Ship Of Skin We Sail To Sin

vikas chandra

When the lips, don’t purr, then, eyes whisper
An, ounce, of joys, melts in, pint of pain
And hearts, make love, o’er, tides’ fervor
When mermaids, bare, our vanity’s, vein!

Do we, seek solace, in the, twilight’s soul
Or that yearning, baptized, in the, blood of sun
May the, passion’s riot, take its toll
Until, sacrament of, unison!

In the, sands of sin, o’er passion’s shore
We find, lasting stains, of a, lost orgy
Since lust, is love’s, seminal metaphor
And, its aftermath, pain’s rhapsody!

By the, shallow bay, our passions, play
O’er sea, that fury, deep within
From joy’s, foreplay, to pain’s, melee
On The Ship, Of Skin, We Sail, To Sin!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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