Enigma Of The Leap Year Man

vikas chandra

Since equinox, found, its paradox
And a man, his orbital, oblivion
Amidst, Earth’s axial trysts, with, man-made clocks
He lost, to the, solar equation!

“Had sun, been nearer, by few, million miles
To fit, in our, rational calendar
An irrational, rift, reconciles
Every, lingering shred, of my, life’s quarter!”

Four stale candles, on, each birthday
As though, were not, enough disdain
Alas! He died too, on the, very same day
With the, estranged pain, of the, “Leap Year” stain!

Anyway, won’t change, tenets of time
And in, cosmic reins, the faith, of a clan
May tangled remain, a perplexed, paradigm
Enigma, Of The, Leap Year Man!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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