The Mozart In My Mother’s Heart

From the sanctum, of faith’s, fertile womb
To the, cradle of, love’s lullabies
Who raised, my dream, with hope’s aplomb
My only truth, amidst, all lies!

I breathed her, in her, soliloquy
When I, suckled love, from her, throbbing breasts
Who spent, her soul, so lavishly
Blood, Milk, Tears, Sweat, in faith’s conquests!

I grew, into, her symphony
Her hymn, echoed my, every vein
A rosary, of her, litany
Since I became, yield of, her pain!

I carry, in my soul, her song
Albeit, we are, two worlds, apart
Who taught me, how to, live, love and long
The Mozart, In My, Mother’s Heart!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra


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