God Lost Out To Faith’s Germinal Fear

Why we, exalted, God’s primal sin
Atop, our folly’s, pedestal
Ain’t ignorance, better than, chagrin
Of faith, fostered in, fear’s cradle!

The sin, that spilled, from Satan’s vein
Is the, new creed of, fear’s holy bread
No syndrome, could be, as profane
Than the prayer, bleeding by, its rosary’s thread!

Once God’s temple, now, Satan’s tomb
Has faith, succumbed to, fear’s aplomb
No slave, stands by, its Master today
How lonely, strays, our Maker today!

Will He, resurrect, from His, dread of DEATH
To linger on, in our, faith austere
With His breath, clinging, to a, spent shibboleth
God Lost Out, To, Faith’s Germinal Fear !

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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