An Equal Sin

Who’s tethered, to, hymeneal vows
If passions, yearn to, sin and stray
When yearning, of, two hearts, allows
To break, faith free, from, fear’s melee!

When banal, turn, blasé love rites
With a skin, sold out, and a sin, on sale
The lie, of kiss, truth of, love bites
Bleeds out the, heart of, nightingale!

With tell-all, signs of, senescence
We smell of, last mist, of the fall
Done with, those orgies, of pittance
We’re sin’s graffitis, on each other’s, wall!

Let’s live, to death, that seminal stain
And spill, that passion, deep within
Who says, love’s sane, and lust, profane
In The Epic, of Skin, “An Equal Sin” !

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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