When Dolphins Squelch In The Blood Of Sun

Whose throbbings stir, the soul, of the sea
Where mermaids’, wombs spill, riots of dreams
Pain cradles life, in love’s, rhapsody
Many yearnings, of the day, evening redeems!

From the, dark deep desolate, distance emerge
A tide of, unquenched, stimuli
When a fest, of feisty, dolphins surge
To kiss, the sin of, blood-bathed sky!

For that, sublime tryst, amongst, three realms
Wherein, sea’s tears, quench, heaven’s fire
In sun-smitten souls, love, overwhelms
The lust, of life, death’s satire!

Lo and behold! At last twilight, drips, from a, time’s wound, old
They leave behind, lovelorn liaisons, from chalice, of love, swill sin’s poison
And forsake silver, for the, glory of gold
When Dolphins Squelch, In The, Blood Of Sun!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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