In Inertia Of My Clitoris

Thorny wrinkles, strewn, on shame’s, frigid bed
Each fall’s, spent sin, ever-yearns for, springtides
On lovelorn lanes, many menses, I bled
In an, unwed widow’s, ‘sexual suicides’!

I’m no, love of “Her”, without lust, of that “She”
Who redeems, “Her” spree, in “His”, phallic chemistry
Why orgasm, is a, painful rhapsody
In a, hearts’ and skins’, sans, soul’s orgy!

My ‘evil’, seed’s creed, I dare not, feel
Wherein, God’s glee, lives-in with, Satan’s sin
In the throes, of salvation, a passion’s ordeal
Which seeks solace, in, soul’s chagrin!

“He” is, “His” faith, since “She”, is my fear
I’m tomb, of “His” pride, temple of, “His” prejudice
Whose truths, I bare, whose lies, I bear
In Inertia, Of, My Clitoris!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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