The Day My Father Lost His Job

Where did, he hide, our truths, his lies
In his heart, our hearth, or his, karmas’ place
At the, fear’s altar, who was, passion’s sacrifice
In a, flock of façades, faith’s lasting face!

That twilight, his stoic face, flashed a smile
When I, opened door, to his, stifled knock
In the, deafening silence, of a, man on trial
Fear seemed, to have stopped, conviction’s clock!

He sipped, his tea, with trembling lips
As he, looked through, every soul, in his hearth
“How could faith, lose out to, fear’s eclipse”
A family, gaged in father, a man’s, worldly worth!

He picked, my kite, out of, the blue
And laughed, heart out, at astounded mob
Shredding world’s despair, a hope’s, spirit flew
The Day, My Father, Lost His Job!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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