Is Brittle Like Sugar A Fearful Faith !!!

Which fear, befell this, Holy Land
Which spurred, a shiver, down her, saintly soul
Can faith, be a tomb, of fog, and sand
To fall apart, by a zephyr’s, ‘hyperbole’!

Her heresy, is a, Satanic Verse
Or the stigma, of her, Somali skin
Blasphemy, is a sum, of, faith’s all fears
No prejudice, is as, divine, as sin!

Behind, women’s rights, and, redemption’s façade
Still persists, that shroud, of, social shame
In a kingdom, where, machismo’s jihad
Is their, only jannat, and surname!

Whose duplicity, does, Asayel, Slay
An inertia, that lingers, like a wraith!
Or manhood’s, fear of, womankind’s, personae
Is Brittle, Like Sugar, A Fearful Faith !!!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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