A Debt Beyond Death

Since Daddy Dragon, bought her soul, for a song
Pakistan takes pride, in her, servitude
Whilst her broods, in Corona-Land, linger and long
To be, freed from, gaudy “gratitude”!

A failed state, delights in, her penury
And fanatic faith, lost in, its tragedy
Behold, tomb of, pious parody
A pauper, with a bowl, and rosary!

Are Uighars, lesser brothers, of this, Muslim-State
For yields, of ¥uans, who sells Ummah, and her, children’s fate
She flaunts, her being, as a captive, Chinese Colony
Whose non-existence, is fear, more than, faith’s felony!

This soul’s mortgage, won’t end, in an age
Her ethos, pays with its, every breath
Those who sell, their faith, for a, fear’s outrage
Will they, ever pay back, A Debt, Beyond Death!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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