Amidst Four Lies, One Truth Crucified

God lingers on, where Satan, thrives
In a world, of sin, and insolence
Whilst truth, lay dead, in fear’s archives
For lies, wages war, jurisprudence!

How laws, reflect, a land’s ethos
Beyond, rites of, social justice
Bleeds on, each day, a truth’s pathos
Between piety, and, prejudice!

Whilst, “Men will be men”, reconciles, womanhood
What’s beyond, the matter, of instincts
How seminal, is, social falsehood
Which shrouds, genders in, shame and, pride’s precincts!

For years, they live, since the day, she died
How a faith, is wise, whom fears, baptize
Whilst a, motherhood mourns, her lost lullabies
“Amidst Four Lies, One Truth, Crucified!”

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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