What Reveals The Veil

In the, shroud of fear, a faith’s doctrine
A womanhood, in, shame’s envelope
How dark, is this, modesty’s shrine
Where dies, each day, redemption’s hope!

Lest she cause, a riot, in lusting hearts
Better she, be swathed, in faith’s bandage
Since skin, is a sin, that shame imparts
Womanhood, is the fear, of a, faith’s outrage!

From the, childhood’s schism, to puberty’s sin
And shameful rites, of a, woman’s chagrin
From father’s home, to, husband’s harem
To motherhood, and death, lingers, black pietism!

When machismo’s faith, gifts a woman, black fear
To shroud, heart and soul, of an ‘imbecile’
An ethos, chokes down, to a, stifled Shakespeare
How with, womanhood’s fear, man’s dogmas, deal …
Is What, Reveals, The Veil …!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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