In The ‘Sunshine’ Shanty, By The Shore

When the sun, dies down, in the, sea’s abyss
And moon, resurrects, from the, blood of sun
I seek solace, in her, bedizened bliss
Who sprawls, her heart, for me, wide open!

There is, no sin, in her, catholic arms
No matter, how far, I’ve left, my hearth
I sow, my sin, in her, fawning farms
Where my manhood, measures up, a woman’s worth!

“Why you, gape at me, when our, passion dies!”
I ask her, o’er , each and every, sin-tryst
“Why mind, resents heart, in this, soul’s sacrifice
In the battle, of instincts, who is, whose alchemist!”

As the moon, rakes up tides, from sea’s heart
And the squalls, conquer her pride, at shore
We squirm, in a realm, torn, worlds apart
In The, ‘Sunshine’ Shanty, By The Shore!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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