‘I’ Am The Search Beyond That ‘ME’

A myriad miles, since, that cipher
Where enigma, of time, began
I mine, my soul, to decipher
Why life, is a lost, caravan!

Only myths, out there, what’s deep, within
The echoes, of, enduring truth
Why faith, is a fear, and God, spiritual sin
And joy, a jailbird, in the cradle, of ruth!

No hand, to hold, to lead me, there
Where no one, has been, ever before
Beyond finite faith, is a, lasting fear
Same life, beyond, death’s metaphor!

Ain’t senescence, the only, existence
And pain, the joy’s, lone rhapsody
With the intellect, of my, insolence
‘I’ Am, The Search, Beyond That, ‘ME’!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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