The Last Valentine In Wuhan

Is it psalm, of sin, or a, Satanic Verse
When a, funeral wails, in every street
Valentine seems, today, a Cupid’s Curse
In the land, where fear fêtes, faith’s defeat!

The only red, is the, blood in lanes
Not roses, of, impassioned trysts
Corona roars, from, cynical veins
“Long Live The Communist Alchemists”!

Here Romeo, breathes alone, his last
For Juliet, shunned, his ‘septic’ love
As Eros, gapes in, vain aghast
At the, passion’s soul, in sterile glove!

How long, will life, live on, death row
Shall faith, reach far, in fear’s caravan
Lest love, lose out, in, this Satan’s show
Would this be, The Last Valentine, In Wuhan!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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