Don’t Sigh, Don’t Cry, Don’t ‘Lie’, Just Die !!!

Let the, Dragon deal, with its, Socialist Pain
With a, stoic façade, insolent shibboleth
Dying dumbly, is divine, living cynically, profane
Don’t deprecate, Socialist State, until your, last breath!

May the, Capitalist World, never ever, know
How great, a germ, we manufactured
To shield, Socialist, Values’ vow
Fear’s, genetic code, we deciphered!

Don’t make, a polemic, of a, ‘paltry’ spill
“Don’t wail, to the world, we are dying, we are dead”
With a, pint of, Mao’s Dream, swallow, Patriotic Pill
Be proud, in the shroud, of your, Socialist Shred!

Before, you succumb, to, Socialist-Syndrome
Do leave, behind, Socialism’s Alibi
Ain’t it, ingrained, in your, Communist Chromosome
Don’t Sigh, Don’t Cry, Don’t ‘Lie’, Just Die !!!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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