When We Last Walked To The Moon

From the, blazing meadows, at the night
Where you, rest alone, by the edge, of moor
I’m a partridge, you my, lost delight
I search you, at the, heaven’s door!

I’d, laid you, o’er the leaves, of fall
That twilight, when you, sighed your last
“How I yearn, to breach, the heaven’s wall
To touch, the tomb of, love at last”!

I’d heaved, your frail form, in my arms
And stridden, thru the, splendid sea
Where mermaids, sowed dreams, in faith’s farms
And moonshine, raised their, rhapsody!

Was it voyage, or a pilgrimage
To the, land of love, where angels swoon
I’ll live, that fest, beyond an age
When We, Last Walked, To The Moon!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra


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