Wuhan Stinks Of A Communist Plan

Lo and behold! An ethos, aghast
Of a, once vainglorious, megalopolis
Now haunts it, pathos of, a holocaust
A malady, of, man-made malice!

What made, here life, to seethe, and squirm
And death, sell fear, in, faith’s bazaars
A scourge, it is, beyond a germ
On God’s façade, Satan counts, frailty’s, scars!

Faith found, escape, in inertia
Bereaved of soul, looks, every street
Death dares, to hell, life’s megalomania –
“How a germ, stole away, a city’s, heartbeat”!

Are we, guinea pigs, of a, Chinese Experiment!
To reign world, a clan, became, Satan’s henchman
In the throes, of fear, flounders, faith’s sacrament
A city dies, each moment, lives estrangement
That Wuhan, Stinks Of, A Communist Plan!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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