The Day You Took My Dream Away

Throbs zephyr, in the, magpie’s sigh
O’er, scattered rosary, of lost springs
Like the, last psalm, of a, rueful rabbi
I am, your dirge, my pain, now sings!

How a, hope lingers, in half, a heart
Every breath, measures, my misery’s, age
Ever one, we were, never worlds, apart
To rage, one day, in love’s outrage!

This ain’t, mere travail, worth a, widow’s, wail
But the, soulful song, of a, sweet despair
In the heart, of the, forlorn nightingale
The thorn, of a love, neither lost, nor there!

I’m an, estranged partridge, staring at, the moon
And the, monogamous swans, in faith’s, foreplay
In my, sleepless eyes, fear’s phantoms, swoon
Since The Day, You Took, My Dream Away!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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