A Flag Of Fury Flaps On A Shrine

vikas chandra

Sway, bleeding shrouds, by the, holy masts
O’er tombs, of faith, hate’s battle cry
An Imam, lives on, till his, vengeance lasts
And jihad, sings to faith, fear’s lullaby!

For the, blood, which spilled
And the, blood, which will
Many martyrs died, many more, to be killed
Faith’s a fiefdom, only fears, instill!

O’er a, thousand years, hate lingers on
Thanks to, this, bad-blood’s, aide-mémoire
That fires, faith, in a, pain bygone
To farm, more fear, for another war!

Soleimani won’t rise, nor prospect, of peace
When fanatic hearts, toe, hate’s bloodline
Till faith, deifies, fear’s, fatal disease
A Flag, Of Fury, Flaps, On A Shrine!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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