A Coffin On 27 Shoulders

A cabal, meant to thwart, The Third World War
Is now a, haunting phantom, of its past
Their rancor, conjectured, mutiny’s, new metaphor
‘BREXIT’ is, the first one, though not, the last!

From the, French dare, of the, ‘Empty Chair’
To, Thatcher’s rant, “Give my, money back”
Danish dissent; Greek debt; Syrian strays’, nightmare
And now, the last straw, that broke, the Union’s back!

Is it, all about, sharing wealth; economic fear
Or, pathetic politics, o’er, ethnic despair!
Divided, Brothers Stand; United, Economists Fall
Who smear, fiscal graffiti, on each, other’s wall!

Is the, funeral ready, and so, its requiem
Of the, coffer’s legacy, of, somber ciphers
Awaits, its burial, a disillusioned, dream
In A, Coffin On, 27 Shoulders!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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