Who Died For Faith In The Farms Of Fear

Jude” in German; “Jood“ for Dutch, and, “Juif” in France
Yet, One Ethos, with, many a name
Who lived, to death, their faith’s, ‘penance’
And paraded, with pride, those “Badges of Shame”!

What snapped, on ”The Night, Of Broken Glass”!
Last vein, of trust, in a love, long-lost
To The, Jewish Question, Final Solution…”, Alas!
… Was the fête, of hate, called ‘Holocaust’!

The ghettos, seemed to be, sadist Satan’s, sin-yard
Where, bleeding ethos, smelt like, rotting, human race
And screams, scraped souls, until, hearts were, charred
O’er pyre, of faith, in fear’s, furnace!

Who bartered, not belief, for the lure, to live
And bore, David’s Star, on a wing, and a prayer
They gave, more to faith, than a God, could give
Who Died, For Faith, In The, Farms Of Fear !

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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