A Ball Of Hay, I Stray, I Stray …

A tangled, yarn of, estrangement
Amorphous soul, of an, earthen creed
With, inertia earnt, momentum spent
A caravan, lost in, time, wearied!

Nudged by zephyr, shoved by, the wind
Twig, travesty, of this, wanderlust
A vagabond, who was, ever destined
To find, faith’s destiny, in fear’s dust!

In a world, that gages, life, by an age
And age, by, birth, senescence, and death
A timeless, pilgrim’s, pilgrimage
Transcends, fear’s truth, and faith’s, shibboleth!

Many narcissisms, woven, into one
In the passion, of a, castaway
Baptized by, moon’s tears, blood of sun
A Ball, Of Hay, I Stray, I Stray … !

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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