When We Celebrate The Naked Skin

Like the, rusting pin, on a, centerspread
Clinging to, an ethical, enigma
Is it mold, or butter, on our, moral bread
Womanhood, smeared in, seminal stigma!

How virile, is, the rite, of evolution
Men, own women, shroud them, bare them
Whose instinct, intrigued, the oldest, profession
Amidst, fear of faith, and, sin’s mayhem!

What’s so, distinct, in, human species
‘Vulgar’, splendor, of, their anatomy!
Lies, in the, heart of, sin-fancies
Social sacrament, of, monogamy!

Beyond, feminist fight, to dare, and bare;
Forbidden, fruit’s curse; original sin
We bear, our moral, debt’s despair
When We, Celebrate, The Naked Skin!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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