The Mayhem In The Buckingham

Two brides, in the, fortress of, delusional empress
First, purebred white, second one, half-black
One, upper-class finesse, the other, ‘class-less’
Lost, in a, pious paradise, paranoiac!

“Race matters, more than, a human face”
Thus jibe, the jaundiced, protocols
“Why White, is Right, Half-White, Disgrace”
Why no, such graffiti, on British walls!

Has evolved, the ‘colonial, civilized’ clan
Which weighs, two women, by their skins!
Queen chose, to be, a tomb, deadpan
Of, her heritage, of, ethnic sins!

See, bared to bone, a banished bride
Entrapped, in a, royal conundrum
And the, paradox of, ethnic divide
In The Mayhem, In The, Buckingham!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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