I Find Myself In Those Cobbled Streets

That love, I baked, in my, faith’s furnace
I cradled it, to the hearths, on my heart
O’er destiny’s, sun-bathed, splintered face
Brought, joie de vivre, Morning’s Mozart!

How glittered, like gold, redemption’s way
Awash with, moon’s tears, blood of sun
I paved, with dreams, my path, each day
To find, a man, where a boy, had begun!

Now, when I, measure, those, myriad, tedious miles
Who bred me, beyond, I trampled them
Remembrance, of those, stitched-up, smiles
Is the, sole solace, of my, life’s mayhem!

My only worth, is that mirth, I lost
Not an, aging man’s, hackneyed, heartbeats
Where I, bought wisdom, at childhood’s, cost
I Find Myself, In Those, Cobbled Streets!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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