How Blasphemous Is A ‘Gay Jesus’ !!!

Do, newfound, sexual equations
Call for, such a, ‘sinful’ satire
Wherein stains, of the, Savior’s temptations
Stand trial, baptized, by hellfire!

Beyond their myths, weren’t, Gospels true!
Did His, abstinence, end in, Satan’s win!
Was the, foremost fidel, first infidel too!
Lies in faith’s, deep within, enigma of sin!

Whilst revels, ‘Liberal Lord’, His rainbow-creed
The purists, resent, their sacrilege
Could art, be belief’s, piety, parodied
Is Lord’s, laissez-faire, worth a, faith’s outrage!

Should a faith, yield to, caricature’s fear
When it’s fear, which is, ignominious!
Ain’t God, beyond, man’s conjecture’s smear!
How Blasphemous, Is A, ‘Gay Jesus’ !!!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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