A Faith Baptized In Oil And Blood

On spilling it, don’t resent, gore
“Why Should, You Shout, So Much!”
Fear is, faith’s, meanest metaphor
Travesty of, Godliness, is such!

Don’t the Shias, know, nor, do Sunnis!
That R-US-sia, play to, the gallery
For the price, of crude, faith’s felonies
Fear is, a façade, in faith’s, finery!

Why faith’s chasm, bursts with, holy hate
Ain’t dichotomy, a benign, misnomer!
Between massacres, and a, ‘nothing’ murder
Whose ego, didn’t fear, satiate!

Whilst a, martyr basks, in vainglory
A revolution, sighs, requiem of, a dud
Bemused world, awes at, the zealotry
Of A Faith, Baptized In, Oil And Blood!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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