Till The Time Bleeds Out Another Year

Beyond earth’s, lasting, cosmic creed
A pilgrimage, précised, in a ‘revolution’
Who sowed, in time’s farm, history’s seed
That quest, of measuring, evolution!

Since the day, we wished, upon a star
Till we, found time, in the, soul of space
The pursuit, that brought us, thus far
From nowhere, to an, endless chase!

We chose, to be, puppets of time
Well-chronicled, from the, cradle to tomb
Our faith, and fear, in this paradigm
Is the, paradox of, our quest’s aplomb!

In the, present’s womb, posterity’s dream
Writhes with, past’s faith, and future’s fear
We stare, at the clock, and the calendar
With a fist, of fate, left to redeem
Till The Time, Bleeds Out, Another Year !

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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