Lo And Behold, Ch-ible And Ch-uran !!!

Faith is, no more than, fear for them
Whose creed, is, political prejudice
Machinates, new Mecca, new Bethlehem
O’er Chinese pride, socialist, malice!

How Hegemony, hate, rear, sepulchers of fears
O’er, shambles of, temples of, faith!
Ask the, forsaken, ’sinful’, Uighurs
Whose ethos, strays, like a, trampled wraith!

Who’re snared, in, spiritual, schizophrenia
Are they, lesser believers, of that, lie
Their borrowed, belief’s, insignia
Whose faith, is the, red fear, they deify!

A rattled, régime, supplants, scriptures
And the, chapel’s knell, call of, azan
With the, cants of, Communist conjectures
Lo And Behold! Ch-ible, And Ch-uran !!!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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