Enigma Of That Last Adieu

It fell, on a fall, funeral of, a dream
In the, heart of, shadows, of twilight
How much, was love, left to, redeem
Whose pain, was it, left to requite!

No hug, no kiss, no tears, no smile
Two hearts, yet throbbed, in stony breasts
When the eyes, did dare, to reconcile
They swore on, love’s, broken bequests!

Yet profound, was that, painful tryst
When hearts, flirted, with a, hopeless thought
“In the, garden of, Love-Alchemist
May always, bloom, forget-me-not!”

How, love lingered, beyond, still words
Which filled, requiem, of a, rendezvous
In the hearts, of two, forlorn lovebirds
Enigma Of, That, Last Adieu!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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