A Fallen Soldier’s Christmas Wish

Homecoming, seems a, hopeless thought
My yearnings, may still, bloom to be
From a, wasteland of, forget-me-not
That, Christmas Tree, which bleeds, for me!

A hearth, where mother, moans a, prayer
Not Christmas carols, with our, kin
A sister, swerves, from, faith to fear
A wife, wails “War is, a man’s, mad sin!”

The bullet, that stabbed, my pregnant heart
Was, just benign, to let, me sigh
“Better be, Mozart, than Bonaparte
May fear, never win, nor faith, ever die!

May mankind farm, the fief, of faith, while Jesus smiles, on crucifix
May the, rites of blood, tears replenish
May the hate, give way, to hope’s epics”
A Fallen Soldier’s, Christmas Wish!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra


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