Is A Faith Awesome Without Allah !!!

Lo and behold, that pilgrim’s, plight!
Whose creed, of soul, his heart defied
And lost, his faith to, mind’s plebiscite!
Was the, end of belief, thus prophesied!

Now he, slumbers thru, every azaan
Neither, barters faith, o’er, estranged salaam
Nor bears, the penance, of ramadan
Did he find, new self, beyond Islam!

Sans, skull-capped, shrouded, legacies
Is he, his, newfound, infidel!
Beyond laissez-faire; ‘apostasy’s disease’
Is the, hope of heaven, and fear, of hell!

A pariah soul’s, lost, pilgrimage
Between, freedom’s fear, and faith’s ummah
A Satan, delights in, God’s outrage
Is A Faith, Awesome, Without Allah !!!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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