If Our Faith Were A Lie

Ain’t it, a neurotic, enigma
To consign selves, to the rites, of a fear
From womb, to grave, lasting stigma
Is the, cherished cross, of faith, we bear!

Our daily pleas, to, Redeemers
Who knows, who sees, who hears, who cares
For a, pious herd, of countless ciphers
God ain’t, more than, rosary of tears!

For whom, we fought, jihads and crusades
Whose Promised Land, we bathed, in gore
In the, sacraments of, façades and charades
Fear is, faith’s, Godly metaphor!

Yet for, heaven’s hope, despair of hell
We live, in a fear, until we die
Daresay that truth, we never tell
“If Our Faith, Were A, Lie!”

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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