The Toxic Taste Of Digital Salt

Lo and behold! The avant-garde age!
Of Smartphones, Laptops, Electric Cars…
Is it worth, those, Cobalt-Kids’ outrage
Who bleed, in mines, with smoldering scars!

A dollar, or two, is the cost, of their day
Baptized in, mud, blood, sweat and tears
Who gamble, life in, living’s melee
In a nation, of, by, for profiteers!

While a, rich régime flaunts, its people’s, penury
And decadence, of its, governance
Can’t care less, world, Cobalt-hungry
To fuel, its race, to magnificence!

Is a, two-faced truth, world-democracy
Between, two realms, aspirations’ assault
Broken Angels, heave, hope’s hypocrisy
The Toxic Taste, Of, Digital Salt!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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