A Slithering Soul In Smoldering Sand

Is worth, a scar, time’s every grain
And life, an age, spent on, a sin
The faith, of penance, is that, pain profane
Which runs, a riot, deep within!

With splintered eyes, how could, she sleep
A yearning, of a, myriad years
Heart’s broken vein, can’t help, but seep
From unspent dreams, lifeblood, of fears!

The melting sky, rains, tears of sun
O’er molting skin, of, senescence
Whilst a, thirsting hope, ages like, an eon
With the, enigma, called “Existence”!

Life’s caravan, builds at, time’s milestone
A tomb, of faith, o’er, fear’s wasteland
In the throes, of sin, lay bare, to the bone
A Slithering Soul, In, Smoldering Sand!

© 2019 Vikas Chandra

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